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gotta get out of slough

all seasons in one day

Well 2006 was a big year for me travelliling wise .
i was in 9 countries. i'm including england and wales (even though i live in the uk )but stil a total of 9.
well at the start of the year got back with my girlfriend (we had some time off ) ready to give it other go.
By may we were invited to go to barbados with another couple.The girls were calling it a double romantic holiday./as i like to concider myself as a proper traveller i do not use the word "HOLIDAY" i prefer a trip somewhere. But girls like the word holiday
Anyway Barbados was brilliant instead of just lying on the beach all day everyday we hired a car and explored a bit.
which was good because people usually think of the carribean as chilling. we did treking checked out limestone caves the lot.
stayed in barbados just over a week.
The next week ( june ) was the start of the world cup.so we flow from london - munich , Germany.watched the 1st game in a beer garden and germany thrashed costa rica 4 -2.
the next day did a 3 hour long journey to frankfurt by train. on the train were all the fellow england supporters.
we watched the boring england vs paraguay by the river on the big screen. lovely day sunny the lot but the game was dredful.but yes we won.
anyway england never won the world cup as we all know.
in july me and my girlfriend headed off to marrakech,Morocco for her birthday .it was my 1st time to a muslim country and also 1st time t0 africa( yeh that does kinda class as africa ).
we only stay round marrakech,on the weekend explored the famous djema l fna ( sorry cant spell it properly excuse me from hanwell).
well i was happs (meaning excited ) because it was the first time i'd ever seen snake charmers (felt like i was in a indiana jones movie)even got to hold a snake. felt nice,but not in a sexually way.
well after morocco gave the trips a break we were TRYING to save money to go travel for 8 months in 2007.But i did get to visit a few places out of chance.
i work in education so i was ask to go on a history trip to belguim.where we saw trenches and eate belguim chocolates. also we stopped off a gas station in france, so i've class france as a country i've been in 2006.
As the summer hoilday came i chose to do some extra work to save dinero for this big trip in 07. I worked for a charity company and got the chance to travel round the uk places like newcastle and around wales ( which is classed as another country).
ok how many countries is dat?
yeh 7
ok last two
well in november my girl friend surprised me for my birthday by taking me to italy. by this time we dropped the idea of saving for this trip but were gonna do small trips through 07 and save for 08 . 2007 trip wasnt realistic not enough change saved.
well we flew to Rome off RYANAIR (they didnt feed us).and Romes always been one of those places u need to visit.
saw the colusseum (sorry cant spell), trevi fountain , parthenon the lot.
on da wkend caught a train down to nepals ( shit i mean naples , not nepal).anyway we 1st visted mount versus and climbed dat mo fo or should i say climb to the sumit. which sounds long if i explain it that way but it only took about 30 minutes. at the top you get a beautiful view of the sea.
After we got the train to Pompeii and if you dont know about Pompeii sort yourself out.ILL HOOK YOU UP SOME INFO.
INFO NICKED OFF WIKIPEDIA Pompeii is a ruined Roman city near modern Naples in the Italian region of Campania, in the territory of the commune of Pompei. It was destroyed during a catastrophic eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius on 24 August 79 AD.

the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79 which buried Pompeii, from the BBC's Pompeii: The Last DayThe volcano buried the city under many metres of ash and it was lost for 1,600 years before its accidental rediscovery in 1748. Since then, its excavation has provided an extraordinarily detailed insight into the life of a city at the height of the Roman Empire. Today, it is one of Italy's leading tourist attractions and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

WELL YEH went there and it was huge. i am excpecting some little place like Hanwell(baker house estate ting).my girlfriend loved it there we spent a good 7 hours there and still didnt catch everything.
but iF u go there it feels like you've just gone back in time every things preserved v good.A good thing to see is the ancient beware of the dogg sign.

also 4got to mention but we also visited the vatican. what a scary place. those cherubs scared the poo poo out of me.We also saw the popes tomb and climbed to the top of basillca the stairs are non stop curling wurling madness.If u had one to many pints itd mess up your life. ok thats another country cos its so small i forgot., it s 10 countries in 2006 then.

that brings us to my final trip of 2006.
which was in december where we visited Iceland. the land of fire and ice and a few nice girls to .but if the misses is reading you know im joking big food.
well iceland was something else. i've never visted somewhere that high up in the world.it lies just below the artic circle.freezed me balls off.
well we hired a car and travelled the whole island but the gay thing was

you only get about 4 hours sunlight in the winter.but we saw loads
saw geysir - a lot of water that shoots from the ground
gullfoss - a big big waterfalll
godafoss - the other big big waterfall
some lave caves in reyholt
lake myvatn
and lots of other volcanic action
we spent new years in reykjavik (the capital). ive never see so many fireworks in my life.we went into the new years at the big dome pearl resturant.i love travelling so get me outta slough
2007 travels coming soon

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st vincent and the Genadines


island of the blessed
if you prefer a country thats not surrounded with my tourist you'll enjoy st vincent and the genadines


.trek through rain forest at vermont nature trails
.climb to the summit of an active volcanoe ( la soufriere)
.walk through the real life film set of pirates of the carribean

Since primeval times, St. Vincent has been blessed with lush mountains, volcanic-rich soil and unspoiled landscapes of brilliant flora and beautiful crystal clear waters. Add to this the idyllic islands and deserted cays of the Grenadines, and the entire country emerges as a prime eco-playground.There’s something here for one and all from sailing and dolphin-watching, to hiking the nature trails and swimming in waterfalls. You can climb to the top of a volcano, or explore the fascinating underwater gardens surrounding this pristine archipelago. From Bequia you can catch a quick flight to mainland St. Vincent (nine miles away) or take a regularly scheduled hour-long ferry trip .Occasionally during sea crossings a school of dolphin will leap and twirl to the delight of passengers. Six types of dolphin are found in Vincentian waters, including spinner, spotted, Fraser and bottlenose. Whales, such as Orcas and pilot, can also be observed.
Diving sites abound in the turquoise waters surrounding these volcanic islands. Abundant reef-life, normally found at 80-ft in most dive destinations around the world, flourishes here at depths of only 25-ft, with an extraordinary variety of tropical reef fish such as angelfish, sargeant majors and peacock flounder. The shallow-water reefs surrounding almost every island make snorkelling an exciting adventure. Local dive shops and tour operators are both knowledgeable and experienced at making arrangements, according to each individual’s requirements. If land activities are more to your liking, venture first to Bequia, the largest of The Grenadines. HazECO Tours now offer an Adventure Jeep Safari Tour in 4-wheel drive, custom-designed jeeps.
The perfect way to get “off-thebeaten-track” and see the serene countryside, including a visit to the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary where former seaman, Orton King, saves endangered Hawksbill turtles from extinction.HazECO Tours also provide guides for various hiking excursions: along Bequia’s dazzling beaches, a scenic rural hike and a ‘Hardy Hikers Tour’ in the northeast of the island. For those interested in a day of dolphin and whale watching, outings can be arranged through several operators, including Kim Halbich of Fantasea Tours and Hal Daize of Sea Breeze Nature Tours.
One way to experience the real St. Vincent is with HazECO’s Jeep Safari Tours http://www.hazecotours.com - travel along winding mountain roads, through small remote villages and rain forests with blue-tinted ferns, passing deep gorges with fresh-water streams and waterfalls and enjoy lunch at Hell’s Gate waterfall where you can swim and snorkel.
The second must-see along this coast is the Owia Salt Pond. This unusual gift of nature consists of a huge bathing pool enclosed by lava peaks and ridges. The pounding waves of the Atlantic Ocean crash into this barrier and then gently cascade into the pool. Surrounded by mountains and the thundering surf, this area is an ideal stop for a picnic
lunch, swimming and snorkelling.

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